Hogback Ridge
Credit: Gary Stevens

Another lesser-traveled Boulder gem, this easygoing hike takes off from the very north end of town, far from the crowds of the Chautauqua Park area. From Highway 36, follow Lee Hill Drive through Broadway until you see a parking lot on the left side of the road, just before it carves into the foothills. Cross back over Lee Hill and follow the multi-use Foothills Trail about a half-mile until the Hogback Ridge Trail breaks to the left. It's best to work the loop clockwise, so keep left when it splits. You'll wind your way to the top of the narrow ridgeline that provides views of desert-looking expanse to the right and rugged, wooded terrain to the left, reminding you that you're straddling two shockingly different landscapes. Eventually, the trail swings back around and skitters downhill to the loop junction. Round trip is 2.4 miles; also a good one to turn into a trail run.

More Information: For trail details and map, visit bouldercolorado.gov.

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