Doral Golf Resort & Spa Silver, Miami

The one knock on Marino's career is that he never was able to score that Super Bowl ring. But after a long career of getting pancaked by 300-pound linemen in 240 games started, Marino is happy to stay involved with sports now as a retiree and celebrity. Still his competitive spirit has clearly never waned, as evidenced by his borderline, if happy, obsession with golf. Doral Golf Resort & Spa Silver is a special course for Marino, not least because it was the site of one of his early golf milestones. "I had just started playing and we were in a tournament with the club pro there," Marino recalls. "And I got a double eagle. It's tougher to do than a hole in one." It's also home to the famed Bermuda Triangle of holes 13 through 15, so just lower your expectations for similar glory and simply enjoy the ride.