Medalist and McArthur Golf Courses, Jupiter

One doesn't need to explain the appeal of 36 unique holes accessible to golfers at the adjacent Medalist and McArthur Golf Courses. "In this little, couple-mile area, there's these two crazy-good golf courses," Marino says. "The best thing is they keep the courses in great shape. It's, like, manicured perfect." That attention to detail for both courses is understandable considering their pedigree: Nick Price designed McArthur and Greg Norman designed Medalist. While both are worthy destinations in their own right, Medalist especially has become a training ground for a fair number of pros. "A lot of the young tour players are there now – Tiger's there, and Dustin Johnson and Ricky Fowler," he says. Of course, Marino's not an especially impartial judge in this case, having won the club championship twice. "I've played against Greg Norman a lot and let's just say there's been occasion or two when I've taken money off him," he laughs.