1966 Triumph Motorcycle
Credit: CBS

Kim is a relative newcomer to the joys of motorcycling in large part because he wasn't allowed to try out this most thrilling form of locomotion when he was growing up. "It was one thing that my father said I could never do," Kim says. Things changed, though, when the demands of his profession required it. "My character on 'Hawaii Five-0' rides a vintage motorcycle – my executive producer and I discussed whether it would be a Harley or a Triumph," he recalls. "I ended up buying a 1966 Triumph, just to kind of research and learn what that was all about." (Riiiight.) Kim says that while his vintage Triumph was his first introduction to cycles, he's already broadened his horizons with something a little more modern, and a hell of a lot more power. "Vintage bikes are beautiful and they're great to work on if you enjoy that, but they're not the most reliable, and I wanted something that I could really ride," Kim admits. "My Ducati Streetfigher 848 is a beautiful machine. It can go as fast as I want it to go."