How to Fry Eggs
Credit: Evgeny Sergeev / Getty Images

Fried eggs are often overcooked. Ease up and cook them gently, says Waltuck. Use nonstick pans, if you want to make the process easier on yourself. But add a little butter. When it's warmed, but not brown, add the eggs and gently cook them over a low flame until they are nearly set. Season with salt and pepper. Make over-easy eggs – Waltuck's favorite – by "flicking" the eggs over for a second. Take them to the next level by throwing a splash of your favorite vinegar (balsamic, red vinegar, apple) into the pan with whatever butter is left, which transforms the eggs into what the French call the "assassin's egg." Or take this sauce over the top by first browning the butter left in the pan then mixing it with a splash of vinegar. Use a tablespoon to repeatedly baste the eggs with either of these pan sauces.

For classic sunny-side-up eggs, cook the eggs gently for 2–3 minutes, but this time with a tight lid on top; this will cause a glaze to form over the upward-facing eggs. The cover allows the white and the yolk to set at approximately the same time, which is a feat.