Growers versus enthusiasts
Credit: Craig F. Walker / The Denver Post / Getty Images

Denver: Marijuana became legal in both Washington and Colorado after the November 2012 election, but only the latter offers retail sales in the same manner as alcohol. "Colorado government and businesses really hustled, and that's why we were able to open on January 1," says Denver Post Marijuana Editor Ricardo Baca, whose title is a tribute to local enthusiasm. "Washington won't be open for months." But the real insult is this: Denver has more dispensaries than Starbucks. Take that Seattle.

Seattle: It's still illegal to grow your own plants in Washington, and without the retail sales, enthusiasts shouldn't book their plane tickets just yet. Still, those who enjoy the recreation are having fun with it. "Pot use is not at all pervasive in the beer business, but a handful of our best brewers are not at all shy about their appreciation of the stuff," Jones says. "Redhook Ale Brewery and Hilliard's Beer Company collaborated to brew a beer called Joint Effort. The tap handle is actually fashioned out of a bong."