Peyton Partisans versus Sherman's Army
Credit: Christian Petersen / Getty Images

Denver: "Broncos fans bleed orange," says Baca. "It's a religion," Reilly adds. "On Sunday at 2 pm, people have to get indoors like they were going to turn into a pumpkin at midnight. The entire city does it." And while the national media deliberated about Richard Sherman's explosive postgame interview, Denver fans are being a bit reasonable about it. "They're our former AFC West rivals, so we've always hated the Seahawks, and now we have another reason to hate them, because this guy goes and mouths off," Baca says. "I can't imagine how much adrenaline was running through that dude's veins." Kurowski, a fan for 43 years, offered the boldest prediction: "Peyton Manning is going to have a three-touchdown game, and I see the score being 28 to 13."

Seattle: "If there was an election held today, Richard Sherman could be elected mayor of Seattle," Burlingame says. The team won't be helped by the 12th Man when they play at New Jersey's MetLife Stadium, but the forecast looks to hinder both offenses. "Seattle's defense is dominant enough to at least slow Denver’s offense down and win the turnover battle, and with Percy Harvin back from injury, the Seahawks offense will be able to move the ball," says Mitchell. And then there's everyone's favorite Skittles-chewing running back. "Us against them on the ground game, I have to go with Marshawn," says Stowell. "Nobody bets against him. That guy steps up in every big game."