Lab Series BB Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 35

If you've got skin that resembles a topographic map of Tibet, then you'll want to know about BB moisturizing creams. The BB in the title actually stands for blemish balm, and is formulated with ingredients that, overtime, help to even out the discoloration, This one blocks the sun, deeply moisturizes and comes with a slight tint that helps soften the severity of splotchy skin immediately. Don't let the tint part scare you – this isn't foundation. The tint is made of an encapsulated pigment called Tagra and actually adjusts to all skin tones. Think of it is less as a layer and more like an evener – a quality that also makes this an excellent choice to instantly take care of unsightly, summer hangover face. [$38/1.7 oz.;]