Perricone MD Photo Plasma SPF 30

The very first SPF product from renowned healthy aging expert Dr. Perricone released in May 2013 and has been well worth the wait. Absorbing instantaneously with no treacherous white residue, this titanium based cream was by far the best mineral based SPF moisturizer we tested. It uses Astaxanthin, a component found in red algae that is naturally protective against radiation and is also an excellent anti-inflammatory agent. The cream also adds what you might call "life" to your face with skin firming and brightening Vitamin C Ester, as well as a patented form of anti-oxidative Alpha Lipoic Acid that protects skin cells and shrinks ugly large pores. Just don't mind the concoction's pink color. It's a necessary side effect from the red algae. [$69/2 oz.;]