Gourmet Cycling Travel

A small bike tour company run by a South African bike racer and an American chef, Gourmet Cycling Travel conducts five tours in France and Italy, including two during Le Tour. The co-founders personally lead each tour, for a fusion of world-class cycling and haute cuisine. In the Côte d'Azur tour, you'll bike 20-70 miles a day on coastal routes and watch three stages of the tour. On the Final Week tour, you'll ride 20-70 miles on rolling climbs and watch four stages of the tour, including the finish in Paris. These are the best tours to bring your girlfriend, since the itinerary includes Michelin-starred restaurants, visits to local markets, wine tastings, cooking classes, and a generous helping of culture. Renting a carbon-fiber road bike will cost you an extra $400 for the trip. [All-inclusive, starting at $4,295 for 6 days/5 nights; gourmetcyclingtravel.com]