GSP RushFit

Premise: This eight-week training program lets you work alongside MMA legend Georges St-Pierre (considered to be one of the fittest fighters in the UFC) through a series of intense cross-training circuits – the same weight training routines that GSP uses to prepare for fights.

Pros: All of the routines are broken up into five, five-minute rounds that, by design, make each workout fly by faster. All of the multi-joint, total body exercises are also effective at not just helping you burn fat, but they build muscular strength and endurance using minimal equipment (either dumbbells or your own bodyweight), making the routines easy to do anywhere with less additional investment.

Problems: The program expects you to exercise six times weekly, which may be too much if you lack enough time.

Perfect for: Men looking to build muscle and burn fat, but desperate for a routine that's more masculine and tough compared to other circuit programs. [$89.97;]