Insanity: The Asylum

Premise: This 30-day, six-DVD program vows to make you stronger, faster, and quicker using a series of sports-based movements, including foot speed and agility drills, strength training exercises, and core stabilization moves.

Pros: Because many of the moves are ones you typically see in sports training camps (and not in the gym), the routine is as unique as it is extreme. It also uses equipment (which comes included) that many pre-made routines ignore, including a jump rope and a 5-foot agility ladder, which also helps it stand out over other home programs.

Problems: Because of the ladder drills and constant jumping and plyo exercises, you'll need a lot more room to exercise than usual – and very patient neighbors below you.

Perfect for: The seriously fit – think at least six months of intense circuit training experience under your belt – who want a new way to burn fat and get lighter on the feet. [$119.85;]