Les Mills Pump

Premise: Based on Les Mills' most popular class (BODYPUMP), this DVD features a series of seven workouts, each designed to have you perform circuits of specific barbell exercises (such as squats, presses, and curls) and other moves at an extremely high repetition range – up to 100 reps per exercise!

Pros: The program comes with its own barbell kit (complete with five and 10-pound weight plates), and, the 90-day routine only asks you to exercise three times a week.

Problems: The high price. Plus, if you're looking to build bigger, stronger muscles, the higher rep, lower weight approach of this program won't help you achieve as much size and strength as other DVDs.

Perfect for: Those purely focused on burning fat and improving their total-body endurance – those hoping to fill their shirts with serious sinew need not apply. [$199.95; teambeachbody.com]