There are no magic bullets.
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Health problems rarely have a single cause – or a single solution. Most conditions arise from a multitude of factors, including diet, stress level, exercise habits, the supplements you take (or don't take), relationship problems, and more. Your doctor should take these into consideration and address how you can change your lifestyle to improve your health.

Remember, the profit motive is as strong in many doctors' offices as it is in a mechanic's garage. Physicians make money by ordering tests; some even get kickbacks from drug companies. Whenever a doctor prescribes you a drug or a test, especially without offering alternatives first, ask him why he's ordering it, if it's really necessary, and whether there are alternative medical treatments like acupuncture or supplements that are worth trying before undergoing testing or treatment. "If you don't like what you hear," says Teitelbaum, "tell him you want a second opinion." Mordkin agrees: "We are all adults and want what's best for the patient."


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