If You Commute...20 Miles: Ford C-Max Energi

Electric range: 21 miles
Mileage: 100 mpge
Who wants one: A suburbanite with a short commute

In electric mode, the Ford C-Max Energi is a silent, silky, gas-shunning ninja, but once you're running on the gas motor, the situation changes drastically, dropping from 100 mpge to 43 mpg, far shy of what you'd get from a Prius. And unlike a Volt, the C-Max reserves the right to fire up its gas motor when you floor it. But with a light throttle foot, it's easy to stay in electric mode till the battery's flat – the electric top speed is an entirely sufficient 85 mph. And if you don't dig the egglike Euro hatchback body, the same mechanicals are available in the sexier Fusion Energi. Creepy fact: The C-Max will learn your usual destinations and try to tailor its power management to get you there in electric mode, when possible. Then it'll park outside and stare at you. [$29,995 after federal tax credit; ford.com]