If You Commute...260 Miles: Tesla Model S Performance

Range: 265 miles
Mileage: 89-95 mpge
Who wants one: You, your neighbors, anyone who doesn't own a gas station

The Model S Performance, which combines Tesla's biggest battery with its most powerful motor, costs BMW M5 money but delivers M5 performance. The 416-horsepower motor delivers a 4.2-second 0–60 time that feels even quicker thanks to the blast of instant torque. The ultimate Tesla's EPA-certified range is 265 miles, which ought to be enough for almost anyone's daily driving requirements and occasional weekend beach-trip forays. Tesla still has its detractors, people who pooh-pooh the spotty coverage of the Supercharger charging network or the Model S's inability to cruise coast-to-coast nonstop. But there's a reason this machine earned the title as one of Consumer Reports' highest-rated cars ever and enabled Tesla to pay back its half-billion-dollar Department of Energy loan nine years early. It's not about range, or charging time, or tax incentives. The Model S is a sneak peek into the very near future, when electric cars are not just sensible, but lust-worthy. [Base price: $87,400 after federal tax credit for the Model S Performance; teslamotors.com]