If You Commute...70 Miles: Nissan LEAF

Range: 75 miles
Mileage: 115 mpge
Who wants one: A guy who knows a LEAF will take you anywhere you need to go 90 percent of the time, but owns another car to cover the other 10 percent.

If you drive 70 miles to work and back, that's a hell of a commute and one in which a hybrid would spend much of its time wailing along on the gas motor. But a Nissan LEAF will handle that drive, while delivering its signature cognitive dissonance: You know you're in a compact hatchback, but the silky power and minimal road noise imply a pint-size Rolls-Royce. Because the LEAF was first to the electric game, Nissan has had three years to tinker with it. For the 2013 model, they managed to simultaneously extend the range, cut charging time in half, and drop the price. That's an impressive trifecta that seems to have swayed the public: LEAF sales were up more than 400 percent for April. [$21,300 after federal tax credit; nissan.com]