Brian Hansen
Credit: Photograph by Alan Clarke

Age: 23
Hometown: Glenview, Illinois
Best Events: team pursuit: 1,500 meters
Medal Count: Silver, team pursuit, 2010

Brian Hansen has been hard at work since he was 10, when he hung up his hockey skates and began training with Olympic veteran Nancy Swider-Peltz. In high school, he made the 150-mile round-trip drive between his suburban Chicago hometown and Milwaukee for after-school practice four times a week. "I'd eat and do homework in the car, finish up homework when we got home, and then go to bed," he says. "That was my day."

So it's understandable that he's already looking forward to life after skating. "I'm trying to start my own company," says the surf and ski bum, who logged a year and a half at Marquette studying marketing. The concept: a foam roller for stretching that wraps around a water bottle. He calls it Bottlebark and has 30 prototypes. "I was carrying both to workouts and started talking about combining the two. Usually, my ideas get a no, but this one got a lot of 'yeah!' "