Whistler, BC
Credit: Getty Images

Whistler, British Columbia is Kenworthy's favorite resort town, hands-down. It's a glacier, so there's still skiing in the summer, although it's a trek to get up to the snow. "You have to ride three chairlifts and take a little bus, so it's kind of a process," he says. "But then you're up there and it's just sun and slush and T-bars and skiing in T-shirts. It's super fun."

The biggest offseason attraction is Crankworx, a 10-day multi-disciplinary mountain bike festival with insane jumps and rowdy crowds.

"The village is super busy with people and energy and lots of events," says Kenworthy. "They have such great bars and restaurants in town." One of his favorites: The Longhorn Saloon, at the bottom of the mountain, has a large outdoor patio with a full view of the Crankworx course. Kenworthy's drink of choice: The Stoker, a famous Crown Royal, ginger ale, and apple juice cocktail named after a local former bartender. Also on the hot list: Sushi Village, which, according to Kenworthy, serves the best sushi he's ever had in his life.