Chef Marjorie Meek-Bradley

Original weight: 222.8 pounds

Current weight: 207 pounds

Total loss: 15.8 pounds, 7.1 percent body weight loss

In March 2013, Marjorie Meek-Bradley, a California native, became executive chef at Washington, D.C.'s Ripple, where she features dishes such as potato gnocchi with lamb ragu, pickled elderberries, and ricotta salata and pan roasted scallops with Andouille sausage and potato purée. Meek-Bradley was a nominee for Rising Culinary Star of the year by Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington for the 2013 RAMMY Awards.

Her strategy: Moderation and coffee.

"I am treating this as a lifestyle change, so it isn't about losing the most weight in three months; it's about a year from now.  Oh, and coffee, lots of coffee."

Her vice: Willpower.

"Saying no is definitely the hardest part. I am a chef for a reason. I love food. I find that it is not about saying no; it is about saying yes less often. I plan my week to allow myself meals that I enjoy; however, they are moderate portions and on days that I have had vigorous workouts."

Her health food: Cottage cheese and fruit.

"One of my best go-to meals is cottage cheese with pepper and a piece of fruit with a large iced tea. It is satisfying and I can eat it while I am planning out the rest of my day. It is a great post-gym lunch."