Todd Thrasher

Todd Thrasher

Original weight: 254.4 pounds

Current weight: 205.5 pounds

Total loss: 48.9 pounds, 18.25 percent body weight loss

Todd Thrasher, the general manager and sommelier of Restaurant Eve in Alexandria, Virginia, is, foremost, a master mixologist, focusing on homemade syrups, bitters, tonics, and other mixers, and putting them to use in particularly creative concoctions. Take his Las Ramblas, a cocktail with house-made cola, house-made sweet vermouth, and Barbancourt rum. His expertise led him to a 2008 James Beard Foundation Wine and Spirits Professional of the Year Nominee.

His strategy: The 9 pm fast.

"The most effective weight-loss strategy is to stop eating after 9 pm and cut the drinking down to only Sundays."

His vice: Food.

"I want to eat everything I see."

His health food: Hummus and celery.

"Hummus and celery are my new favorite foods."