Stay active, even when you're on vacation.
Credit: Rebecca Zenefski

"The season is long and grueling, so after it's done, I like to shut it down," says Fitzgerald. "I usually travel for a couple months." For a less ambitious man, that might mean lounging on the beach, but Fitzgerald claims to have visited 20 countries this off-season and ticked the last continent off his list with an eight-day cruise along the Antarctica coast.

"Traveling gives you a great perspective on life," he says. "It opens your eyes and makes you less culturally biased."

Even while he's on vacation, Fitzgerald doesn't let go completely. "I'm always doing something to keep the blood pumping," he says. In Nicaragua he hiked a volcano, but most days, he runs or works out in a gym. Even his most restful days involve some form of activity: "If I'm golfing, I walk."