Choose a Season
Credit: Paul Souders / Getty Images

If you're itching to spot wildebeest, know that there's no single event that constitutes "The Great Migration." Wildebeest move en masse in autumn, but are perpetually wandering in search of food and water. Even so, considering weather patterns before booking your trip will will increase your odds of getting up close. 

Mid-winter brings on a short dry season during which wildebeest give birth. That is followed by the long rains that run into the beginning of summer, which is a dry, dusty affair and a great time to see predators hunting. Fall is the most comfortable season, but going between August and October is far more expensive because after the rainy season, views are clearer.

September is the most active month for the Serengeti's famed Mara River crossings, the most treacherous Safari site, where wildebeest must venture into a shallow, crocodile-infested death trap. If you've ever seen video clips of crocodiles attacking wildebeest, the footage was most likely captured here, where kills occur with macabre predictability. Your driver will take you to the riverbank where you can see this predator-prey dynamic firsthand. The Mara River offers both extraordinary photo opportunities and a chance to truly wrestle with the nature of life on the savannah.