Credit: Dale Halbur / Getty Images

Being out in the bush is an intimate experience because of the proximity to wildlife and the separation from home. A surefire way to spoil that pleasant escape is being crammed into a Humvee and having to jockey for a good view. You want smaller vehicles, with six to eight seats at most. Keep in mind, you will be stuck in these vehicles for as many as eight hours a day driving to different campsites. High-end tours offer vehicles exclusively to couples.

The same principle applies to the accommodations. With fewer companions, you'll have more time with the local staff. "You have really up close and personal encounters not only with wildlife, but also with people who live here, who work here, who want to present this area to the visitors through their own eyes," says Helena Novak, Senior Vice President, Business Development at General Tours World Traveler, whose camps have up to 15 tents and never more.