Extend Your Trip
Credit: Suzanne Porter / Getty Images

You've already made the trek halfway around the world, so consider extending your stay. Established and connected companies like General Tours will be more than happy to arrange the next leg of your trip. 

For a Beach Vacation: Head to Zanzibar and hang out in the old hotels in Stone Town. There, you can eat at what might be the world’s best open-air fish market or check out the pristine beaches on the northern coast.

To Explore the Jungle: Take a short flight to Kigali and head into the Ruwenzori mountains on a Gorilla trek. You may well spot some, and you’ll definitely enjoy the amazing scenery offered by the "Mountains of the Moon."

For an Urban Weekend: Most of Turkish Airlines' Africa routes run back and forth between major cities and the airline's Istanbul hub. On your way home, don't hesitate to book an extended layover in Istanbul and check off two more continents by taking the ferry from Europe to Asia. Tickets on the most reliable airline operating in Africa come with an excuse to have a European adventure. Not a bad deal.