Best for Purists

Hario V60 Ceramic Dripper

Great coffee at home can definitely come from a machine, but most baristas prefer the primal pour-over method. With a dripper such as the Hario V60, you can brew complex java in minutes. Erin McCarthy, from Counter Culture Coffee in New York and winner of the 2013 World Brewers Cup, is a big fan. "You have complete control over the brew method," he says. McCarthy recommends grinding the beans immediately before you start. "You get a lot more nuance if you do." Plus, there's a powerful, sensual aspect: "Volatile aromatics come off the grounds when the water hits them, and the smell fills your kitchen – and that's awesome." So here's how to do it: Grind 5 tablespoons of coffee beans, and remove 16 ounces of water from a boil. Pour about 1 ounce over the grounds, and let them "bloom" for 45 seconds, then slowly pour the remaining hot water in a circular motion over the grounds until you've used all of it, 3 to 4 minutes. [$23;]