Cats are easier than kittens.
Credit: Paula Daniase / Getty Images

Before writing off the option of adopting a mature cat, here are a few things to consider: 1) Kittens, reckless and naive as they are, are more likely to wind up in the emergency room after ingesting things like string, which can require surgery to remove from their tummies. 2) When adopting a kitten, it is difficult to verify that it has been vaccinated according to protocol, meaning it could get tragically (and expensively) sick shortly after you've taken it home. 3) With fully mature cats, you have the advantage of knowing its personality before taking it home, which is important if you have young children and/or other pets. 4) When you adopt a mature cat, you're doing it a huge, karmic solid.

"Adopting a mature cat may mean taking care of health issues earlier than expected, but for some people, this is a noble responsibility they're willing to accept," says Dr. Chan. "It's always nice when an older cat who has maybe lived a hard life can live out its final days in a loving home."