Maintain your jacket.
Credit: Thomas Northcut / Getty Images

Leather jackets are expensive but durable, making them a significant sartorial investment. Don't cheat yourself by failing to care for your new garment. Buy these simple products and keep it in working order.

Lexol: The leather conditioner of choice for men who saddle up, Lexol is an emulsion designed to replenish the oils that give leather its weight and resilience. Apply it occasionally to prevent cracking (unless you really like that look).

Olive Oil and White Vinegar: If you're jacket gets stained, apply a bit of this essential kitchen oil to a rag and rub the discoloration softly until it disappears. Rub the spot with white vinegar when you’re done, then leave it out to dry.

Linseed Oil: You've broken in a baseball glove, so you know how this goes. Only rub in linseed oil as a last resort or a way to reinvigorate a jacket you've bought secondhand. It should make the leather considerably more limber so that you and your coat can be happy together for a few more years.