Richer Poorer Socks

Summer Fridays are fading faster than Facebook shares these days, so we've been searching for new and inventive ways to diversify our trusted khaki-and-blazer combo. It's a blessing, then, that we came across Richer Poorer's fun (but not overtly flashy) socks, which brought immediate spark to our everyday workwear.

Nestled halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego in Capistrano Beach, California, Richer Poorer brings all the energy of the left coast without the obnoxious surfer-dude spunk of Jeff Spicoli. We've been logging serious miles in their striped selections, specifically the Po Boy and Walk-On, both of which feature sophisticated eye-catching patterns that'll leave you wondering why you ever sported monotone socks in the first place. We've found them to be lightweight, durable, and, best of all, extremely versatile, so wear them under dark suit pants or light khakis for a flash of personality in the office.

Feeling especially bold on that first post–Labor Day Monday? Flex your sartorial muscles by matching the stripes to your tie. Or, if your confidence is bordering on hubris, kick off your wingtips and rest your dogs atop the cubicle. Either way, your boss will know you mean business. [$12;]