Tod's My Colors Bracelet

When it comes to style, we're champions of function. Accelerometer-packed sneakers that monitor your movement? The new must-have. Form-fitting oxford shirts that minimize your belly? Buy three now. But what about simple, handmade accessories with a different kind of functionality? Specifically we're referring to famed designer label Tod's My Color line of woven leather bracelets, subtle pieces that add that killer extra 10 percent to everything from beach attire to a seersucker suit.

Tod's double-braided bracelets stand out from the bevy of simple rope ones that began popping up on hepcats' wrists last fall. This luxe add-on comes in a wide range of colors and color pairings, giving you the option to pick something high energy like a bright red-and-white weave, or a little more sedate à la simple muted black. (Or hell, go bold and stack two or three bracelets on one wrist.) The chunky silvery clasp adds a dash of sophistication and, when coupled with the leather, keeps things firmly in masculine territory without looking like you're trying too hard.

To be clear: This little wrist rocket won't help you tell time. What it will do is give you a bit of edge, which we'd say is timeless. [$225;]