Consider your face shape.
Credit: Sonia Recchia / Getty Images

A great haircut isn't just about hair. Your face shape plays its role as well and the balance between what's on top of your head and what's on the front has to be perfect. The best way to achieve that equilibrium is by figuring out what you're working with and following these guidelines:

  • Guys with longer faces will want to make sure they're not stretching things out with long sideburns, long beards, or hair that has a lot of volume up top.
  • Guys with small heads or faces should consider sideburns or beards.
  • Guys with square faces probably want to keep the sides short but can soften their appearance by adding a mustache.
  • Guys with round faces might want to add volume and soften edges.
  • Guys with narrow foreheads may want to cover them up a bit with their locks.

These simple suggestions don't guarantee a great cut, but anyone who follows them will avoid disaster.