Define your hairline.
Credit: Dan MacMedan / Getty Images

"Thinning hair is a bitch," says Vaughn. "Everyone knows that."

Fortunately, the master cutter has a few strategies for handling less-than-full manes. He starts by bringing up the sides to "de-emphasize the weaker spots, especially the receding hairline." From there, he tries to shape the remaining hair into a U rather than a V. No one, after all, wants to look like a walking widow's peak. 

He also strongly encourages men with receding hairlines to reign it in. Not only will longer hair look lifeless, it will add stress and speed the retreat. Shorter hair makes sense, but you don't have to start razing the whole thing until you hit Phil Collins levels. Instead, picture Daniel Day Lewis, who is "losing hair, but has enough length to still play around with some motion." Vaughn says this strategy "takes your eyes away from the baldness." Clippers do not need to be involved.

Beards are also a good idea, because they balance out the lack of hair on your head. As a side note, if you're completely bald, beards also do you the favor of giving some texture to your otherwise smooth-all-over head.