Embrace the bald spot.
Credit: Brian Branch Price / MCT / Getty Images

Despite the claims of late-night infomercials, bald spots are extremely difficult to hide. Vaughn says that the best strategy is not to try. Instead, minimize the spot by asking your barber to blend into it rather than cut around it. This will tone down the severity of the border. From there, you can pretty much get whatever (short) haircut you want. Just keep in mind that no matter how great the front looks – a more military cut might suit – you'll need to think about not only how you're going to care for your hair, but also how you will be maintaining your scalp. A red bald spot is not good, so remember that SPF is as important as product.

But there is more to maintaining your scalp than lathering on the sunblock. You'll want to use products such as cremes and pomades that are free of petroleum, while avoiding gels that can clump up your hair and exacerbate the problem. And don't try to use some expensive cream to convince your hair that it wants to cover up that spot. It doesn't. It has made that clear. [Baxter of California Cream Pomade, $18 for 2oz; baxterofcalifornia.com]