Print these five items first.
Credit: Fully assembled 3D printable wrench by barspin

Already there is a daunting encyclopedia of hundreds of thousands of printable 3D models available to download that run the gamut from pedestrian (a baseball stand) to practical (a fanciful pen holder) to inspired (functional running shoes). Here are five items we like though that show the practical value now freely available to anyone with a little time and some inspiration.

1. A printable adjustable wrench.
We can't promise it won't snap when you try to unstick a rusty nut, but it's gorgeous and fully functional. 

2. Adjustable foot for tables and furniture.
The perfect example of practical innovation. These should be standard on every table.

3. Handle for Allen/hex wrench/key
A common thread are items that make other ones better.

4. Dual chili extruder.
We love the quirky ingenuity here, the fulfillment of what was probably a drunken joke. But the design is polished and this looks professionally made. And we want one.

5. A functioning 15-watt generator.
Just because it's possible. Though you should note that instructions aren't ready yet, and it takes about a week of printing parts.