Pick a suitable style.
Credit: Jake Curtis / Getty Images

Not every style of beard matches every face shape, so you'll need to figure out what suits your particular mug. Doing so will mean the difference between flattering facial hair and a lifetime of trying to hide old photos of yourself. "Beards can really enhance a face and hide a multitude of sins," Dr. Peterkin says. "But they can also bring out certain features, like a weak jaw, thin lips, flabby neck, and baldness, too. It's about playing with planes, both vertical and horizontal, and making everything blend together." 

Rounder faces or those with double chins do well with some strong lines and borders that soften the curves. Try adding some geometric balance with a squared-off goatee or beard – or just longer whiskers on the chin with shorter hair on the side. Angular faces sometimes have sunken cheeks that you can fill in with some longer hair to add girth. For long faces, a full beard that's thicker on the side and shorter around the mouth and chin can break things up into two hemispheres and bring your mug into proportion. If you can't objectively figure it out on your own, consult with a barber, who will be happy to make a recommendation.