The Chevron
Credit: Illustration by Arryan Decatur

For most men, the Chevron represents the result of normal mustache growth. Some of the humblest guys around, including Mahatma Gandhi have sported this style, so it's a good place to start if you aren't ready to get weird with it.

"Anyone can grow the Chevron," says Decatur, "It's the most basic style, the easiest to grow, and requires minimal maintenance."

Start by growing out your mustache across your lip to where it naturally stops reaching for your shoulders. When it turns toward your feet, shave or use a trimmer to keep the hair just above the lower lip.

The signature downward angle of the Chevron really depends on your physiology. "Some guys will just have a more drastic slope naturally," says Decatur. "But you can force it by using a trimmer to get the same effect." That just means more maintenance in the form of at least using a trimmer twice a week to shape it. "You might get a really severe line at first, which can look unnatural," Decatur warns.

Then, it's a matter of maintenance. Most hair will grow down, so keep the mustache out of your mouth by using a shaping trimmer flat across to keep the line of growth somewhere between the bottom and top of the upper lip. ("Just don't take it up too high or you'll get the John Waters pencil mustache," Decatur advises.) If you have extremely curly hair, use the beard trimmer when you feel your 'stache is getting too bushy.