The Imperial
Credit: Illustration by Arryan Decatur

Named after Kaiser Wilhelm II, the last emperor of Germany, this is a facial-hair enthusiast's favorite and consists of a mustache augmented with hair from the upper cheek. It can take many shapes, but according to the official rules of the World Beard Championships, to officially qualify as an Imperial, "all facial hair not growing from the cheeks and upper lip must be clean shaven" and "no closed curls are permitted." That means growing an Imperial is nearly impossible for anyone with very curly or fine facial hair.

"You need very thick, coarse hair and a lot of it," Decatur says of the Kaiser-style mustache. "Wet the hair and then coat it in a layer of wax. Do not twist or you'll go into Salvador Dali land. Then brush your whiskers upwards every day. . . . It will take a while to train your hair to go against nature, but if you're committed and don't have hair that is too curly, it should work."