The Walrus
Credit: Illustration by Arryan Decatur

A Walrus is similar to a Chevron, but it grows down past the upper lip to cover at least half the mouth. There are many ways to have one, but think Theodore Roosevelt, former UN ambassador John Bolton, Stalin, Nietzsche, and Yosemite Sam. In a word - bold, determined, steadfast, go-it-alone personalities, who could care less that they're wearing the same mustache as a sea mammal. It works with easy, natural, and tousled hair styles.

Not everyone will have the same luck making a Walrus happen. "You need really heavy, coarse, and straight facial hair in order to get the same fullness you see in guys like actor Sam Elliott," Decatur explains, "as well as a large, broad upper lip to keep things in proportion."

If that's you, all you have to do is let your naturally occurring soup strainer grow out, trimming it just beneath the upper lip with a shape trimmer.

If that's not you, you'll most likely end up with a Chevron, but with the help of the mustache comb and some wax, you can achieve something like NASCAR driver Richard Petty's big mo. We're not promising results, but if you want to try, here's how: Grow out your mustache. Rub a little less than a dime-size dab of wax between your thumb and index finger (the wax should be at room temperature), then push on to your mustache. Next, brush down with the comb. And, voilà, you should have a Walrus.