Chris Hemsworth
Credit: Everett

Chris Hemsworth is the anti-Tom Cruise. Six feet, three inches of Australian muscle, he's perhaps the only actor besides Dolph Lundgren that could be typecast as a Norse god. For Hanton, playing Hemsworth's body double meant hitting the gym hard and indulging in a little Loki-style trickery. 

"First of all, I had to get 2-inch lifts to put in my costume boots," says Hanton. "It felt like I was doing stunts in high heels." 

Hanton also had to focus on developing his arms, which, according to Asgaardian fashion, must be bare at almost all times. After doing circuits to shed weight and get cut (his waist size shrunk to a well-definied 29 inches), Hanton says he spent special sessions doing arm-specific work. Prior to actual shoots, he would pick up a dumbbell he'd brought to the set and do curls so he appeared more vascular.

"It was like a huge V," says Hanton. "It made me look a lot bigger than I actually was, which was great because I could actually move during fight scenes."