Christian Bale
Credit: Everett

Batman – Christopher Nolan's version anyway – is an unusual superhero. He’s a martial arts master with a very large garage, a technologically impressive fanny pack, and a suit that, rather than showcase muscle, comes with definition built in. The challenge for Hanton when he went to work on 2012's The Dark Knight Rises was shedding weight so he could play a more agile version of the broken Caped Crusader trying to escape from a jail pit in nowhere-in-particular, India.

In order to accomplish this, Hanton changed his diet dramatically. He ingested just 500 calories a day, most of which was tuna and apples, while continuing to work out. In order to save energy, Hanton spent a lot of time sleeping. When he was awake, he was in the gym. When he was asleep, he was probably dreaming about food.

"Sleep is important," says Hanton. "So is the occasional indulgence. I would have a two-hour window when I could eat whatever I wanted. That was my favorite day of the week."