Daniel Craig
Credit: Everett

A lot was made of Daniel Craig’s beefed-up Bond when the British spy exchanged quips for parkour and face punching, but Craig was not actually a bruiser. To the contrary, his superspy was strong and lean. For Hanton, who stepped into the tailored suit on Quantum of Solace, that meant swimming to prepare for the role (big shoulders, small waist, powerful, but not ripped core) and spending a lot of time on a treadmill.

"I did a lot of swimming and a lot of circuits," says Hanton, "but it wasn’t as intense as preparing to be a superhero."

Still, the circuits weren't exactly a cakewalk. Hanton would do 12 chin-ups, 12 dips, 12 press-ups, then squats, calf raises, and curls before getting in a run. At his peak, he was going through the cycle a half dozen times an afternoon then slipping in a little chest work at the end of the day. The silver lining? Getting to put away the big weights. "Low weight and more sets – that's how I kept lean while still looking like I had size," he explains.