Jake Gyllenhaal
Credit: Everett

Anyone familiar with the video game Prince of Persia knows that Dastan's most important physical attribute is agility, not strength. The guy spends a lot of time jumping, rolling, and generally bouncing off of things before swinging the occasional scimitar. No surprise then that Hanton prepared to double Jake Gyllenhaal with dynamic gym sessions during which he refused to stand still. Rather than lifting big weights and standing around between reps, the stuntman sprinted up inclines, lifted light weights, and kept moving.

"You're still sweating and you're still working your muscle groups," says Hanton. "I just took that from my days in gymnastics. That's what we used to do in the gym."

Stretching was a key component of this workout, which was designed to create a more athletic body – think soccer player instead of football player (or receiver instead of running back). The Prince was never going to defeat Zolm with strength alone.