Ryan Reynolds
Credit: Everett

In order to pass for Ryan Reynolds' version of the Green Lantern in 2011, Hanton needed to look physically imposing. The job required him to wear a skin-tight suit, which meant he needed extremely well-defined muscles. Getting them involved a lot of time at the gym, and even more time at the dinner table. The stuntman says he had to eat almost constantly.

"I'd eat small amounts every two hours," he remembers. "I'd have a protein breakfast within half an hour of waking up then tuna, spinach, and turkey grill with no sauces. The only fluids were water, green tea, and maybe espresso for energy before a training period." 

More than being about what Hanton put in his body, the diet was about cutting out anything that would add bulk he couldn’t easily convert to muscle. He took out carbs, sugar, and salts in an effort to rid himself of flab and water weight. The strategy worked, but made his job harder. "I put on a lot of weight and I was in good shape, but I was so heavy that I found it hard to move in fight scenes," he says. "Unfortunately, moving is kind of what my job is about."