Fill, fold, and roll out your tortilla carefully.

You can have all the perfect ingredients, but if you make one wrong move when it comes to rolling, you'll be left with a less satisfying mound of what was once a damn good burrito. Fear not. We've all experienced the hairline tear caused by too much filling in an overly dry tortilla – which is why burrito joints like Anna's steam their tortillas beforehand. "We have a fancy machine, but you just need a microwave," says Kamio. Wrap a large tortilla in a damp paper towel and nuke it until it's warm, or about 15 seconds. After that, Kamio says, lay the tortilla out and spread the ingredients evenly from left to right, in the middle. Fold the end closest to you just over and then under the mound of fillings. Hold one hand there and use the other to tightly fold in the left and then right ends (like the triangle corner of sheets when making your bed – you do make your bed, right?). Continue rolling tightly to the other side.