Don't (always) play dead.
Credit: Paul Oomen / Getty Images

Anderson insists that remaining cool and calmly backing away from animals is always the way to go. Almost always, that is. When it's obvious that your competition is riled up, things change instantly. If it's because you simply surprised it, then making yourself passive, avoiding eye contact, and playing dead actually works pretty well. But if you've been deemed prey, then you're going to have to man up. "In that situation, if you play dead, you may as well sprinkle salt and pepper over yourself," Anderson says. While you should avoid eye contact with wild animals to calm them down, do the opposite if it's clear they plan to attack. "Be assertive and firm towards the animal – you want to look big and strong, so hold yourself with good posture, speak forcefully, and say 'I am not prey' while holding your ground." Anderson says. Obviously, it's dicey, but avoid screaming and waving your arms (actions that will cause a predator to want to quiet you by attacking), and don't turn and try to run. That will instantly trigger their predator instincts, and makes the killing all the more fun for them.