Don't rush your recovery.
Credit: Thomas B. Shea / Getty Images

Even for a runner as accomplished as Hall, patience is a virtue that must be emphasized again and again. "Many of my injuries have come when I felt the pressure of an upcoming big race and had to ramp up my training too quickly," he says. "Even if you're used to running a lot, when you are first beginning your training, you have to act like you're starting from scratch and have a very progressive and methodical approach to training."

Hall says he suffered his latest injury in early February, but believed it was a "very, very low-grade quad strain that would just need a few days off, then some TLC." He immediately began the usual treatment process – R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, elevation, compression) – followed by stretching, massage, and heating as he tried to test the injury with some light jogging. He also biked for a few weeks to stay in shape. But with the strain responding much more slowly than expected, he ultimately decided he'd have to withdraw from Boston so he could rest completely to give the quad enough time to heal properly. He has since returned to light jogging, but won't be ready in time for Boston (April 15th).