Mechanical bulls are bull.

Snyder says he's forever getting prodded to hop in the saddle whenever he's at a bar with a mechanical bull. While well-meaning, this request is like asking Mario Andretti to race shopping carts. "I'm trying to get the sport steered away from that. Those are for a bar, to have fun, and they're fun for that, but it's in no way similar to a real bull," he says. For training, there's nothing like the real thing. "We have actual practice bulls. It's the exact same feel, and they'll go through the motions but it won't be as hard," he says. "They are in no way the caliber of what you see on TV, but still I don't necessarily like to do it just because of the fact that I like to be able to get on and get paid. Even when you're getting on practice bulls, if they step on your leg, you could be out the whole season."