Run a Faster Half-Marathon
Credit: Mark A Leman / Getty Images

Running is a tough workout, but it isn't enough to build the strength you need in order to become a faster and more efficient endurance racer. “Building functional strength is the most important thing,” explains Metzler. “That means basically getting the muscles that help you to run, and moving the muscles in the direction they’re going to run.” You can break down the motions of running by bounding, skipping, and doing burpies to focus your strength, and add bodyweight workouts to build the other muscle you need without bulking up.

Key Workout: After building up your aerobic base, split up your long runs. If you go out for 10 miles on a Sunday, run the first half at a relatively slow pace, and finish the last half at 5-10 seconds faster per mile than race pace. Pushing your discomfort zone will help push your aerobic threshold, and help you run moderately to considerably faster.