What is it?
This is your straightforward, "eliminate-the-middle-man" pitch. 800Razors manufactures its own line of three- and five- blade cartridges (that come in packages of four, eight, 19, or 20) and sells them directly at about half the price of name brands. There are other options, too: Pick a onetime shipment, or select regular replenishment of your supply, say, every two, three, or four months. The more you buy, the more you save.

Does it save you money?
According to simple math, yes. For example, a standard box of eight five-blade cartridges costs $17.99, versus the name brand versions selling for $28 to a sky-high $34.

Not every guy will like a ceramic-coated blade, but we found them to be tenacious workers. The shipment options offered flexibility, so while getting the one-time package gives you more control, for others, a regularly scheduled delivery means you can be forgetful about buying blades and still never run out. [From $9.99; 800razors.com]