Dollar Shave Club

What is it?
The original Internet-based razor upstart, Dollar Shave Club offers cut-rate home-delivery subscriptions for blades that should make the big companies quake with fear – prices start at $1 a month for a five-pack of twin-blade razors and go up accordingly, including a miraculous six-blader. You can adjust your plan in case your delivery is too much or too little, including the "Not So Hairy" program which ships razors every other month.

Does it save?
Depending on your frequency of shave, yes. If you're shaving regularly, $6 bucks a month, or every other month, on a four-pack of blades is less than what you'd be paying at the drugstore (and you also save money on gas because you don't have to go anywhere). Perhaps most sweet: It saves you the pain of having to remember to reorder.

The six-blade razor feels deluxe and gives a smooth shave. And we especially like that Dollar Shave Club has now launched Dr. Carvers's Easy Shave Butter, its own moisturizing shave cream that you can add to your shipments for just $8 for 6 ounces. More add-ons, please! [From $1 a month;]